• Providing Strategic and Tactical Leadership


Cloud Services

Pointed solutions for security assessments and architecture reviews for Cloud Deployment.

Enterprise Security Services

Application and Endpoint security, penetration testing.

Security Analytics

Facilitate to increase cost efficiency, expedite decision making and uncover new growth opportunities.

FedRAMP Services

FedRAMP services to enable organizations success in the documentation and interpretation riddled complex framework of FedRAMP compliance.

Solutions Architects

Provide pointed solutions for security assessments and architecture reviews for Cloud Deployment.

Partner Networks

Our Partner network connects customers to an ecosystem of Cybersecurity Providers.


Cloud Service Offering


Cloud Enablement and Strategy

Cloud migration solutions to design, build and run a cloud infrastructure to increase overall efficiency by providing secure, scalable and customizable solutions to support your unique data and privacy requirements.


Cloud Security Architecture

Measure the security posture of your business and offer strategies for a cloud security framework, risk mitigation, and data protection based on your company’s goals and objectives.


Risk Assessment, Testing and Compliance

Cloud Strategy Development to review the proposed business plan, determine known threat vectors and provide best practice advice by providing a roadmap for a risk-based approach to cloud security.

Diverse Threats and Attack Vectors.
Devices, Applications, Network.

Enterprise Security Offerings

Security Program Strategy

Up-to-date security analysis and insight on threats, remediation and actionable next steps to protect your systems while supporting day-to-day business, revenue goals and future growth.

Security Architecture and Implementation

Navigate complex environments to provide maximum value for your technology decisions, architecture and security projects based on security, compliance and business goals.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Protect infrastructure by discovering vulnerable systems and assess system flaws and human factors to identify and quantify risk, with concurrent remediation planning.

Managed Security Services

Effectively monitor the security of your environment while improving your security posture. Quickly identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats.

Application Security

Determine if sensitive or privacy-related data is stored, processed or transmitted by your application. Assess the security posture of third-party apps, and discover new risk not addressed during development.

Endpoint Security

Identify your endpoint security gaps and find the right combination of strategy, services and technologies to remediate those vulnerabilities beyond traditional anti-virus and signature-based technologies.

On-Prem, Cloud, 3rd Party.
Security and Risk in the Supply Chain.


FedRAMP Product Roadmap & Strategy

Roadmap and Strategy engagement to enable cloud services providers to embark on their FedRAMP journey.

FedRAMP Readiness Assessment

FedRAMP Gap assessments and remediation analysis engagements laser focused to help organizations meet security control requirements.

Boundary & Architecture Review

This assessment is focused on Boundary Definition and Architecture. We help organizations describe system boundary and data flows throughout the whole system.

FedRAMP Documentation

Our experienced consultants provide the full gamut of FedRAMP templates and documents to aid in the Documentation process.

Technical Remediation Assistance

"We assist customers to remediate technical deficiencies in the most cost and effort effective manner to enable faster path to compliance.

Continuous Monitoring

Our experts understand and deliver all the nuances associated with developing an effective CMP program to assist with ongoing security status reporting.

Big Data Platforms.
Integrate and Enable Insight.

Security Analytics

Cyber Threat Hunting

The heart of our Product is the ability to do linked Data for hunting and the ability to visually navigate the context of the assets, actors, and events.

Advanced Persistent Threat Detection

Integration of threat intelligence with machine behavior inside your organization, that allows identification of suspicious reconnaissance and lateral movement to stop APTs.

Insider Threat Detection

Our platform can identify when a rogue employee starts to accumulate and hoard files to a staging server.

Emerging Technologies.
Mitigate Threat and Attack Vectors.

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